Welcome Batman fans! Welcome Joker fans! Welcome all who dare to step into a world of darkness. This website will take you deep within the walls of Arkham City where crime and insanity reign supreme. It is here we find our favorite villains fighting one another for domination in a place where law and order are non-existent.


We all agree that Batman is the coolest superhero! Now that Batman is so popular, you would think giving a creative gift for her would be easy. Finding the best one among all Batman related gifts could be a challenge. Even Batman is really hard to get to smile. But don’t you worry! If you truly know her, you will find the perfect gift for the superhero lover in your life!

We will follow Batman as Doctor Strange locks him away in the super prison with the most heinous of criminals. He’s left with few options but to join Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, and others as they face off against their greatest enemies. Meet The Penguin and his band of thugs. Discover Two Face with his gang. Find The Joker and Harley Quinn with their own team of criminals. Track down Mr. Freeze in the coldest part of Arkham City. On this website, you’ll be immersed in the dark world of Batman. You will learn more about your favorite characters, discover hidden messages, and discuss with your fellow fans.

Whether you prefer to slink through dark alleyways or scale the tallest towers, it’s all here for Arkham City fans to enjoy. Find your favorite weapons, whether it be Catwoman’s whip and caltrops, Robin’s bo-staff, or Nightwing’s nightstick. Or perhaps you prefer Batman with his plethora of gadgets.

Take a look inside this super prison. This website will bring you down Park Row to Amusement Mile, the Industrial District to The Bowery. Find yourself in the subway, the steel mill, the museum, or Wonder City.

We’ll follow the story line, discuss combat and weaponry, and take a look at the many features we fans love about Batman: Arkham City. Gather your allies and adversaries, and join us in this twisted universe. Are you a hero or a villain? Everyone is welcome here at our Batman: Arkham City fan website. Step carefully. The streets of Arkham City are dangerous indeed.

Batman: Arkham City game review


Based on the exceptional 2009 film Batman: Arkham Asylum, this game sets one free in a disastrous neighborhood that is captivating and that puts one in an exciting mood to experience the game play. The graphics are captivating and good and it seems like a lot of time was put into making the game look real. Batman’s motion though is kind of stiff he seems not to move as swiftly as he should.

Story line

In this game, Gotham sees a part of it been turned into a huge prison for convicts of Arkham Asylum. The prisoners are detained and not allowed to leave the city. Hugo Strange, the creator of this prison, captures and puts Bruce Wayne in this part of the city. Batman’s role is to get to the bottom the reason as to why super villains, who have been put in the prison, are fighting and killing each other.


The objective of the game may seem simple but the contrary is true. Riddles and puzzles have to be solved, all that created to keep the gamer preoccupied for a long time. One can spend a lot of time on things other than the mission itself, such as looking for trophies that don’t even matter. Many side quests and battles have also been put in place to divert one’s attention from the missions from time to time. The quests and riddles earn one points which can be used to upgrade Batman’s weapons. The controls are not difficult to get after the first few minutes of playing the game.



Playing the game may get to one’s nerves because one spends most part of it looking for objectives and finding missions. Time may be spent going from building to building not knowing what to do, till one bumps into something to do. The game has a lot of button commands too that one can follow to achieve objectives. This may make the game less interesting for some. It is also a single player game hence no one else can join you in playing it.

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Batman: Arkham City, the Perfect Gift for your Boyfriend!

coverGirlfriends…buy him the gift he really wants this year…a video game! Whether it’s for Christmas, his birthday, or your first year anniversary, giving him the gift of the video game Batman: Arkham City is a sure fire way to make him fall in love with you! Let’s face it, guys aren’t romantic like we are. If we’re lucky they will be romantic towards us because they love us but deep down your guy is not craving candles and chocolate for his birthday. He wants to play vids. Show him what a cool chick you are and gift him Batman: Arkham City. This game has so many cool features that it will blow his mind that you knew to pick it up. By letting him be a guy and giving him an awesome video game there is no doubt he will soon reciprocate with his own romantic moves.

The game has a combination of main play and side missions totaling forty hours of playing time. After completing the game players can play again at two more levels of difficulty. Characters are added and grow stronger to make the game more challenging each time. The game can be played by the characters Batman, Robin, and Catwoman, offering several playing perspectives.

Batman: Arkham City was released in 2011. It sold over two million games in its first two weeks! The game won several awards that year including Best Action Adventure Game and Best Xbox 360 Game at the Spike Video Game Awards.

Tell your boyfriend these awesome and interesting facts when you hand him his gift. He will think that you are the sweetest, coolest girl he has ever met! And then, here’s the hard part, give him time to enjoy his new game! Let him play for a couple of hours. It may take a couple days for the exciting novelty to wear off. Then he will surely treat you like the super chill and thoughtful girlfriend that you are!


Guys, if you’re reading this, and you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend that gifted you Batman: Arkham City then you make sure you hold on tight to that awesome girl! Don’t let such a good girl get away! Spend an evening away from your game console and take that girl on a romantic date. Buy her flowers, take her for dinner, and even present her with jewelry! By recognizing how cool she is, and showing appreciation in a way that makes her feel special, you will surely begin a cycle of treating each other the way you want to be treated!

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